HIP - 1.5: Constitution of the DAO

A constitution is important for any organization to establish rules and objectives, including the Hodl Finance DAO. This proposal suggests dividing the constitution into two sections, with Section A requiring a higher quorum for more crucial changes, and Section B requiring a lower quorum for less crucial changes. All input and comments will be used to create the constitution, which will be voted upon by token holders.

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The why of the proposal
A constitution is a necessary document for any group or organization, including a company or association, to clarify its rules, purpose, and objectives. The constitution of the DAO is no exception since it will outline the governance requirements for exactly this.

Since this is the first constitution proposal, all comments and input will be used for the creation of the constitution and finally voted upon by the token holders.

This is needed to set the foundation from which the DAO can build.

The longer explanation of the proposal
Proposed is to create the constitution together so the next step towards the establishment of the Hodl Finance DAO is taken. For this proposal there are no specific pros and cons since all content of the constitution is up for debate in this discussion. Setting boundaries for the DAO is the main aim of this proposal.

To start with, the constitution will be divided into two sections for a more balanced governance process: Section A and Section B.

Section A is of utmost importance for the proper functioning of the ecosystem as intended. Any changes to this section require a higher quorum to pass the voting process.

Section B, although less crucial, is still of significant importance and can be altered to optimize the overall operation of the DAO.

Section A - A quorum of 80% or more “for” votes is needed to pass

  • Changes related to the Constitution (This);
  • Changes related to the Bonding Treasury;
  • Changes related to the Trading Treasury;
  • Changes related to the Market Making & Investments;
  • Changes related to where the Realized Profits flow to;
  • Changes related to the signers of the multi-signature wallets;
  • Changes related to the curator, Hodl Finance Ltd, in performing Market Making on behalf of the DAO;
  • Changes related to the maximum investment size of $250,000 by the Directors of Hodl Finance Ltd. without the DAO’s approval;

Section B - A quorum of 50% or more “for” votes are needed to pass

  • Changes related to the distribution of Realized Profits;
  • Changes related to the Operations Treasury;
  • Changes related to the Staking Treasury;
  • Changes related to Research & Development;
  • Changes related to what will be done with the bought back $HFD;
  • Changes related to the Proposal lifecycle;
  • Doing an investment higher than $250,000 in a single project;
  • Adding or removing liquidity for $HFD;

No Budget is needed, just the input of the DAO participants.

Please vote and reply why below if you are “for” or “against” the proposal before it proceeds to vote.hodl.finance.

  • For
  • Against

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That’s a really amazing project. I’m so excited and happy to be participating in this project


This is needed to set the foundation from which the DAO can build.


the DAO is the main aim of this proposal.

to build a project it should be like this, something must be fixed for the foundation and community


feedback proposals for sure to make the ecosystem even better, Plan A and B are equally profitable
I totally agree with this proposal

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Very good proposal i am very like this project

Good project and I’m so excited

I totally agree with this proposal very good for building ecosystems

Hi everyone. Pleased to be part of this project

Proposal is better for make growing a project and community

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Thanks for this opportunity

LFG :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Great team! Keep Building :muscle:

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Lets dance lets dance lets gooooo

I support the change, and really hope for the change to change the project. And hopefully in the future this project will be like before. Amen :relaxed:

I have vote for “FOR” And what about you?

Generally a good structure for making decisions. Do I understand this correctly, the Directors of Hodl Finance can make investments up to $250 k any time without the approval of the Dao?

I think the team should much focus on Marketing so it can reach it large group of people

I very much like the new DAO proposal even though the reflection model was a smart one. I hope community communication will be a focal point from here on.

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in order to protect the ecosystem over time, retaining 80% of the vote seems necessary to me for any change that affects the foundations of the project. for the rest 50% and quite sufficient. so I vote yes.

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