HIP - 1.6: Dust removal


The Core Contributors propose excluding 5,238 wallets all combined holding 9 $gHFD, which have sold or transferred their old tokens and are no longer active Hodlers, from the airdrop of the new $HFD on the Ethereum network. This aims to enhance efficiency, prevent sending tokens to inactive Hodlers, reducing network congestion, and ensure a larger share of airdropped tokens for active Hodlers.


Core Contributors

The why of the proposal.

The Core Contributors are proposing this to improve the efficiency of the $HFD airdrop on the Ethereum network. The proposal targets the removal of older Hodlers who have sold their old tokens and still remain in the airdrop due to having dust in their wallets. These 5238 wallets collectively hold 9 $HFD but are no longer active Hodlers. Excluding them from the airdrop will prevent the distribution of tokens to inactive wallets.

The longer explanation of the proposal

Hodl Finance DAO recently conducted a test airdrop of $gHFD on the Sepolia network on June 2nd. The purpose of this test was to verify the airdrop script and allow Hodlers to verify the correct amount of their upcoming airdrop tokens. Following the test, a total of 10,553 Hodlers were identified, out of which 5,238 wallets hold a balance of 0.1 $gHFD or lower, commonly referred to as “dust” in the crypto space.

Dust refers to small amounts of digital assets that are impractical to use or transact due to associated network fees. These small amounts often result from rounding errors, leftover balances, or fractional amounts that accumulate over time.

The proposal suggests removing these 5,238 wallets, that are holding approximately 9 $gHFD tokens, from the official $HFD airdrop process. This measure will enhance airdrop efficiency by ensuring that tokens are distributed only to genuine participants who have not sold or transferred their $HFD. Removing dust wallets will minimize unnecessary transactions, alleviate network congestion, and reduce associated fees.

If this proposal proceeds, all people holding less than 0.1 $gHFD will not receive the new tokens during the airdrop on the Ethereum network. The remaining $HFD tokens will be distributed to the remaining Hodlers. The Core Contributors anticipate that this action will encourage more active Hodlers and eliminate Hodlers who do not wish to retain dust in their wallets, thereby benefiting the active HFD community.


No Budget is needed, just the input of the DAO participants.


Please vote and reply why below if you are “for” or “against” the proposal before it proceeds to vote.hodl.finance

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Agreed. Since holding this less tokens means most have sold their HFT.


with this, active holders will get a fair reward

seems like a reasonable idea

Good for the Community

Bad for the Bots

Hence, community WINS.

Well yes, makes sense…

Submitted my vote!!!

LFG!! :rocket:

I agree with the proposal :wink:

Hello, question: will the people who did not do the airdrop test receive the future Airdrop? Is it mandatory to perform the airdrop test?

GM, if you go to https://sepolia.etherscan.io/ and enter your address there you check if you recieved $gHFD, if not then you will not receive any $HFD.