HIP - 1.7.1: The Road Ahead


This proposal aims to propose and enhance clarity surrounding new investor rounds of the HFD token within the Hodl Finance DAO. Transparency and accessibility are fundamental principles for the DAO, and this proposal delves into the capital raising process, collaborations with partners, and providing insights into the project’s roadmap.

The ecosystem’s focus on generating Realized Profits necessitates funding to kickstart the Market Making. Discussions with tier 1 parties have been promising, and HFD plans to secure initial funding from Ambassadors, followed by further deals with larger Exchanges, Ventures, and DAOs. Deals with lock-up periods and discounted prices for early participants are proposed, with the aim of initiating the trading engine whenever the first funding from Ambassadors is received.

The proposed roadmap entails finalizing deals with partners, launching the updated dashboard with a trading section and collecting funding from additional parties.


Core Contributors

The why of the proposal.

The primary objective of this proposal is to introduce and propose new investor rounds of the HFD token within the Hodl Finance DAO. As a DAO, we uphold the principle of making all decisions in a transparent and open manner, ensuring that the entire process is accessible to the public.

To achieve this, this proposal will delve into the procedure of capital raising, specifically exploring collaborations with ventures and investment partners. Additionally, it aims to propose and offer comprehensive insights into the new timeline, launch plan, and pricing structure of $HFD.

The investment rounds are proposed to initiate the HFD ecosystem and generate Realized Profits. It is crucial to note that all tokens sold will be subject to a cliff period. The funds raised from Exchanges, Ventures, DAOs, and Ambassadors will be entirely allocated to the Trading Treasury, where they will be utilized for the activation of Market Making algorithms. It is essential to know that these funds are not intended to be used for operations. The investment rounds shall be sold through the Bonding contract, ensuring complete transparency as they are recorded on the Blockchain. The rationale behind this proposal is to seek authorization for utilizing Venture funds to kickstart the ecosystem of the DAO and facilitate Market Making operations.

The longer explanation of the proposal

In the previous proposals, the ecosystem and new tokenomics were subject to voting and approval. The ecosystem resolves around Market Making, which generates Realized Profits used for buybacks and operational expenses of the DAO. Now, it is time to propose to ignite that engine. Over the past months, the Core Contributors have engaged in discussions with tier 1 parties, including Exchanges, Ventures, DAOs, and Ambassadors. These discussions have yielded positive outcomes, and HFD proposes to secure initial funding from the Ambassadors, marking the launch of the ecosystem. Upon the approval of this proposal, deals will be formulated and presented, with the first round of funding expected to be available for initiating the trading engine. Following the ecosystem’s kickstart, the Core Contributors will continue talking with larger Ventures and DAOs for further funding.

In consideration of Ambassadors and early participants, the Core Contributors have designed a special deal incorporating lock-up periods within the Bonding Treasury. The initial bonding sale price (1-year lock-up) for Exchanges, Ventures, DAOs, and Ambassadors is proposed to be set at $0.03, with the option to lock up for 5 years in the Bonding Treasury at a price of $0.0189, subject to approval through this vote. The investment round will sell a maximum of 20% of the Bonding Treasury supply. The remaining 20% will be reserved for post-launch purposes, offering participants a discount of 5-40% on the market price. Further details can be found below.

It is important to note that the funding will solely be utilized for the Trading Treasury and not for operations. The Core Contributors will possess full discretion to determine the investors and set maximum lot sizes per investor without proposals. Furthermore, the Core Contributors are permitted to engage advisors and ambassadors, whose contributions will be utilized for the marketing campaign of Hodl Finance. After the Ventures investments are concluded, the Core Contributors will make a new proposal for the launch of the new token and public raising.

Here is the proposed roadmap:

  1. Secure funding from early investors to activate the Market Making engine
  2. Launch the updated trading section on the dashboard, accompanied by trade reports across social media channels
  3. Finalize deals with Ventures, Exchanges, and DAOs
  4. Collect funding from other parties, including Ventures, DAOs, and Exchanges
  5. New proposal for the launch of the new token.

Together, we will build a thriving ecosystem and pave the way for the future of Hodl Finance DAO.


No Budget is needed, just the input of the DAO participants.


Please vote and reply why below if you are “for” or “against” the proposal before it proceeds to vote.hodl.finance

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  • Against
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I think that there is a lack of motivation to participate in the surveys. If they put a prize of 10 USD, I’m sure there would be hundreds of people who would vote, although it is likely that the vast majority do not even have a penny from Hodl finance HDF.

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This will grow over time when the new token will be launched. People should be incentivized because they want to show their decisional power instead of being incentivized by money or prizes.